TR 800 [Flotation]

  • ALTURA Traction TR 800 pattern is designed to carry high load for both off and on road use, implement and industrial / construction applications.
  • Tread pattern is engineered to provide excellent traction to drive wheel, thus making the tyre suitable for free rolling as well as drive wheel applications.

  • 400/60-15.5
Size Rim inches Outer Diameter mm Section Width mm Static Loaded Radius mm Rolling Circum ference mm PR Inflation Pressure bar Free Rolling Wheel Drive Wheel Tyre Weight (kgs) Tread Depth(mm)
Load Index Speed Symbol Load Capacity (kg) Load Index Speed Symbol Load Capacity (kg)
400/60-15.5 13.0 876 400 385 2575 14 3.5 145 A8 2900 132 A8 2000 31 17